ABL8REM24050 Power Supply Input 110-220Vac / Output 24Vdc 5 Amps.

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range of product
product or component type
Power supply
power supply type
Regulated switch mode
input voltage
100…240 V AC phase to phase, terminal(s): L1-L2
100…240 V AC single phase, terminal(s): N-L1
110…220 V DC
output voltage
24 V DC
rated power in W
120 W
input protection type
Integrated fuse (not interchangeable)
power supply output current
5 A
output protection type
Against overload, protection technology: 1.1 x In
Against overvoltage, protection technology: tripping if U > 1.5 x Un
Against short-circuits, protection technology: automatic reset
Against undervoltage, protection technology: tripping if U < 0.8 x Un
ambient air temperature for operation
0…50 °C (without)
50…60 °C (with derating factor)

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